Doblò Cargo

Model overview

    Performance and Economy

    Maximum driveability and extraordinary performance

    An engine for every job

    6 different engines make up the range on offer for the Doblò Cargo.

    Thanks to the "one mission one engine" strategy, the Doblò Cargo offers the utmost performance, according to the various professional requirements and types of use. Its powertrains, ideal both in town and on long distances, are able to offer more impressive performance, high torque at all speeds and optimal consumption, for great running cost.

    Discover which engine is right for you.


    1.3 MultiJet2 80/95 HP EURO 6, 1.6 MultiJet2 100/105 HP and 1.6 MultiJet2 120 HP can be fitted on request with ECOJET, this unique solution reduces consumption without sacrificing performance, due to:

    • Intelligent alternator
    • Variable displacement oil pump
    • Aerodynamic pack
    • Low-viscosity oil
    • Low rolling resistance tyres
    • Start & Stop

    All this, to achieve consumption of up to:

    • 8% less on the 1.3 MJet2 engine (4.6 l/100 km and 120 g/km CO2)
    • 12% less on the 1.6 MJet2 engine (4.5 l/100 km and 120 g/km CO2)

    Consumption calculated from mixed cycle on short wheelbase versions.

    Natural Power

    Eco-friendly and economical: double the ECO benefits
    The 1.4 T-Jet 120 HP Natural Power - methane/petrol - guarantees:
    • significantly reduced fuel consumption and running costs;
    • excellent range (up to 750 km in the 5-tank version, available on request, of which 450 km are fuelled by methane);
    • optimum driveability thanks to the innovative Multipoint methane injection system;
    • excellent acceleration even when fully loaded thanks to the high maximum torque value (206 Nm at 3000 rpm);
    • generous load volume with the methane tanks positioned beneath the flatbed.

    The best handling in its category

    Experience the comfort and manoeuvrability of a car in a commercial vehicle, even when fully loaded.

    • Light, accurate steering
    • Excellent road-holding
    • Bi-link suspension

    Bi-link rear suspensions

    Optimum comfort and capacity
    The Doblò Cargo has independent wheel Bi-link rear suspension, which ensures:
    • increased driving comfort
    • greater stability
    • greater safety whatever your load.

    Thanks to the adjustability of its components, the suspension is specifically calibrated according to the function of the vehicle.

    Standard versions (750 kg capacity):
    • best performance to weight ratio;
    • specific setup for optimum dynamic behaviour.
    Maxi Versions and increased capacity (1 ton):
    • 1450 kg maximum permitted load;
    • longitudinal trailing arms and specific cross bars;
    • anti-roll bar and specific setup for excellent dynamic performance levels in all load conditions.

    Start & Stop

    Reduced consumption even in the urban cycle
    The device which automatically shuts off the engine whenever the vehicle is held up in traffic, when the gearbox is placed in neutral.

    All the functions which guarantee comfort and safety on board the vehicle remain active (climate control, radio, windscreen wipers).

    Running costs

    The best investment for your business
    • Engines designed to ensure low running costs.
    • Scheduled service intervals of 35,000 km for the MultiJet2 Euro 6 engines.
    Technical data