Fiorino Cargo

The Van built for the city

Key features

Up to 2.8m3
Load Capacity
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Up to 660kg
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Also methane

Fiorino Cargo


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Fiorino comes with a full range of Euro 6 engines, the widest range in the segment thanks to its petrol and methane versions. The Diesel MultiJet2 is marked by great driving satisfaction, excellent performance, low running costs and environmental sustainability. The ECOJET version offers a considerable reduction in terms of fuel consumption and emissions level, with a saving of up to 14%. Fiorino also offers an increased level of driving comfort, especially in the city, thanks to the comfort-matic robotized (MTA) gearbox.


Safety is fundamental when you have to drive for work everyday. Fiorino offers you all the equipment and systems necessary to maximise your safety.
Electronic Stability Control
Hill Holder
Cruise Control

Electronic Stability Control

The Electronic Stability Control is a system that controls vehicle stability in the event of tyre grip loss, helping to maintain directional control.

Hill Holder

Integrated in the ESC system, it automatically activates in uphill/downhill with engine running and blocks the vehicle for few seconds without you having to press the brake pedal.


Is an aid for driving and setting off in poor grip conditions (snow, ice, mud, etc.) which allows the drive force to be distributed over the same axle when both wheels are slipping. It acts by braking the wheels with poor grip (or those slipping more than the others), thereby transferring the drive force to those which have more grip on the ground.

Cruise Control

It allows you to drive on long and straight roads with few driving changes (motorways) at a pre-set speed without having to press the accelerator pedal.

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If one Fiorino is not enough, choose a fleet. Discover the range, the fittings and the convertible vehicles which can offer you the best solutions if you need large numbers.