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          Counterfeit spare parts

          Mopar® is the Official Service Partner of Fiat Professional and offers a full range of Genuine Spare Parts. Efficiency, safety and well-being are the qualities that only professional and certified workshops can guarantee. Always choose Genuine or equivalent spare parts.

          counterfeit spare parts
          On the Internet you may come across attractive offers for spare parts and servicing. Regretfully, these offer hide counterfeit spare parts, such as brake pads and disks, filters, belts and coolant pumps, clutches and windscreen wiper blades. Buyers nearly always forget that their quality and safety is questionable.

          What are they?

          It is often very difficult to set a counterfeit spare part apart from a genuine one also because genuine spare parts may be counterfeited in many different ways:

          • Total counterfeiting: this is the case of products which use the same brand and appear very similar to the products they imitate.
          • Intellectual property counterfeiting, in particular trademark counterfeiting: use of the trademark on products which are or may be very different from those marketed with the legitimate branding.
          • Type-approval/certification counterfeiting: this is the case of quality certifications or European type-approvals applied without having been actually obtained.
          • Quality counterfeiting: this is the case of untruthful quality declarations and/or descriptions of features.
          • Wording counterfeiting: for instance stating "made in Italy" when it is not.

          What are the risks?

          You risk the health and safety of vehicle occupants and other road users
          Counterfeit spare parts can cause accidents because they are not always safe and could be made of inferior materials. For instance, a counterfeit brake pad could determine a longer braking distance than one complying with safety standards.

          You risk the integrity of your vehicle
          The poor quality of a spare part may cause damage to other vehicle components. For instance, a counterfeit oil filter could cause problems to the engine lubrication system and even engine failure.

          You risk not passing roadworthiness tests
          Your vehicle could fail the MOT test if a spare part does not comply with the features dictated by the manufacturer.

          You risk damaging the environment
          The materials used for making counterfeit spare parts may not comply with safety standards or with environment protection standards either.

          What can you do?

          Have your vehicle repaired and purchase genuine or equivalent spare parts from professional and certified sources only, like from the official FCA network, to be sure of the origin of the products.

          Do not trust suspicious looking products and prices much lower than the market average: an excessive difference could be an indication of counterfeiting.

          It is also worth remembering that if your workshop fits counterfeit spare parts on your vehicle you are involuntarily aiding illegal sales.

          Report cases of counterfeiting to us by calling our Customer Care Desk: you will help us fight counterfeiting and guarantee your own safety.