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      Functional oils and fluids

      Choosing Petronas lubricants which are produced exclusively for FCA guarantees your car optimum performance, low consumption, safety and respect for the environment. With more than 30 brands in more than 20 countries, Petronas is leader in producing, distributing and sales of functional fluids and antifreeze that are top of the range for the automotive sector. Original Petronas products are recommended in the user and maintenance handbooks for Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo and Lancia.
      • Petronas Paraflu Radiator Protector
        Petronas Paraflu Radiator Protector
        • Petronas Paraflu Radiator Protector
          IN SHORT
          petronas paraflu


          The shield for antonomasia

          PETRONAS Paraflu has always been the recommended as a protective fluid for FCA Group vehicles. It works efficiently even in the harshest running conditions, guaranteeing excellent protection of the cooling system of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles and it is compatible with all system components.

          PETRONAS Paraflu has a double effect guaranteeing maximum protection preventing:
          Overheating – through optimal heat dispersion;
          Freezing – guaranteeing efficient system working at the lowest temperatures.

          petronas paraflu


          It is a protective fluid for radiators formulated with organic inhibitors based on O.A.T. (Organic Acid Technology). PARAFLU UP is a specific protective fluid for the cooling systems that contain innovative light alloy materials (magnesium and aluminum). Temperature range protection: -40°C to 125°C. It’s available both in concentrated and ready to use version.

      Classic Line

      For all motorists who have chosen a Fiat Group Automobiles car, Mopar® offers Classic Line, the range of spare parts for cars more than five years old.

      Remanufactured Spare Parts

      By starting with original used components, we can create a product which offers a performance equivalent to that of a new vehicle.

      Oils and Fluids

      Oils And Functional Fluids Exclusively Designed By Petronas For Fiat Professional.

      Counterfeit spare parts: What are they? What are the risks? What can you do?

      Counterfeit spare parts do not guarantee adequate quality standards and put your driving safety at risk. Learn how to recognise them.

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