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An immediate and efficient answer to your goods transport needs. Shapes, sizes and seats: you’ll always find a solution with Fiat Professional Vans.

Fiorino Cargo

from R327,900

  • 1.4 PetrolR327,900
  • 1.3 DieselR353,900
Volume 2.8m3
Load capacity 660 kg

Doblò Cargo

from R399,900

  • Cargo Short 1.3 DieselR399,900
  • Cargo Long 1.6 DieselR440,900
  • Crew Cab Long 1.3 DieselR437,900
  • Crew Cab Long 1.6 DieselR456,900
  • Combi Long 1.6 DieselR488,900
Volume 5.4 m3
Internal length 3.4 m

Ducato Van

Volume 17 m3
Load capacity Up to 1885 kg