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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the warranty include?

The purchase price of your new vehicle includes a warranty that starts from the handover date and has no mileage limits, and includes:

  36 months of vehicle warranty

  36 months of warranty on the paintwork

  96 Months of perforating rust warranty

Specific conditions and exclusions are shown in the Warranty Booklet which you will find in your vehicle.

What does the spare parts, accessories and repairs warranty include?

​​Operations requiring payment or installation of parts and accessories carried out at a Fiat Professional dealership are covered by a 24 month warranty

Unlimited km (spare parts subject to wear are not included). The warranty includes replacement or repair of the concerned spare part or accessory and the

manpower needed for the operation.

You will be asked to display the receipt of the previous operation and proof of payment for the spare parts, accessories and repairs warranty to be applicable.

With these documents it is possible to go to any authorised dealership in Europe.

Can the warranty be extended?

The authorised dealer network has the ability to offer you a range of warranty extension products giving you the option of extending the comprehensive warranty offered on each new vehicle.

Is the conventional warranty an extension of the vehicle warranty?

No, the conventional warranty covers faults on the main electric and mechanical components of your vehicle. See contractual conditions for detailed information.​

Contact our Customer Care Centre on 0800FIATSA (0800342872) or go to the Contact Us tab on the website.