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Spare Parts and Tips

Only those people who manufactured your car can truly maintain your car to the same high standards as the day it left the factory. That’s why Mopar® spare parts are designed to ensure reliability, comfort and performance.​​

Spare parts distributed by Mopar®

Respect nature, and the nature of your car. Choose only spare parts distributed by Mopar®.

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Mopar® spare parts are the tangible result of commitment to research and development, of applied technologies that are ever more innovative and able to offer the quality and efficiency that the customer deserves. 

Original parts

Mopar® original spare parts are the ideal solution for the care and maintenance of your car, because they comply exactly with the original technical specifications.

The perfect outside appearance, the high aerodynamic performance and the structural characteristics of body original spare parts ensure optimum integration for your safety.

BatteryClimate control system
FiltersRadiator and thermal system
Windscreen wipersRear view mirrors
Shock absorbers and suspensionLighting



Even when they've worked hard and carried you for many kilometers, your car parts are still precious.

By starting with original used components, we can create a product which offers a performance equivalent to that of a new vehicle, using a certified and guaranteed process. This process, known as “Remanufacture”, is an industrial activity in which removed components are reprocessed by service centres to restore the components to the usage conditions and performance levels of a new product.

Mopar® remanufacured parts offer many advantages:

Original quality
Guaranteed as new
Full range