People Transport

Clients, colleagues or team mates, anyone is welcome on board the vehicles dedicated to people transport. Your passengers can always count on space and comfort.

Ducato People Mover

Seats Up to 16
Lights and A/C Individually adjustable
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Talento People Mover

Seats Up to 9
UconnectTM NAV 7" Radio

Doblò Combi

Seats Up to 5
Roof height +25cm
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Fiorino Combi

Seats Up to 5
Load capacity 2.5m3

Specific needs


No obstacles to driving. With Fiat Professional Autonomy vehicles can be completely customised to meet your needs.


Expand your business with a fleet from Fiat Professional. Choose the vehicles that meet your needs.

Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles

The best travelling companion you could wish for. For over 10 years, Fiat Professional Campers have been the leader in the sector.