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Get ready to change the way you work.
The new Fiat Professional electric range will electrify your day-to-day and keep your energy levels high, completely changing the way you work. From now on, your business will have no limits, and with no compromise on load capacity when compared to thermal vehicles.

Choose your electric vehicle and give your work the energy it needs!

More energy for your work
Less emissions for the planet

The Fiat Professional electric range was especially designed to help you save time and investments: it will help you minimize your efforts and maximize your work.
Enjoy all the vehicle incentives and accessibility advantages dedicated to electric commercial vehicles in city centers. Get in touch with your nearest dealership for more information.


The entire Fiat Professional electric range has a battery charging system that includes a standard solution with cable supplied.

Their smart-charge plug fits both AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) charging configurations. When using AC charging, you can choose between 7 kW and 11 kW, while with fast charging it is possible to reach charging powers up to 100 kW*. For the detailed information about charging power and recharging times visit the dedicated model pages.

* Maximum charging power might change based on the model.


easyWallbox is your personal private charging station.
With its "Plug & Play" technology, this private charging device requires no installation by a technician and its Dynamic Power Management (DPM) sensor prevents from blackouts. The charging power can be increased up to 7.4kW with professional installation (the upgrade of the electrical network might be necessary).

eProWallbox is the perfect solution to optimize your recharges.
Thanks to its built-in RFID technology and the app, you can remotely start charging sessions with speed and ease. And its Dynamic Power Management (DPM) sensor allows it to regulate charging based on the available energy, preventing blackouts. This flexible and connected device can operate up to 22 kW in three phase mode.


With the eSolutions Charging app you can manage both your private e-Solutions wallbox and your public charging sessions in one of the biggest European charging networks. You can monitor and stop your charging sessions from remote, check your charging history and manage payments from the App.

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• When driving on the highway at constant speed, the autonomy of an electric vehicle is reduced by almost half compared to that of the WLTP cycle. However, at constant urban driving speeds, the range can be extended.
• Regarding acceleration, a smooth and gentle use of braking will reduce energy consumption, and it is possible to maximise the range thanks to the driving mode selector (Normal, Power or Eco).
• Temperature can be a factor to be considered regarding autonomy. Outside temperatures, plus use of heating or air conditioning, for example, can change the potential range by up to 40%, depending on the season and the required thermal comfort in the cabin. Preheating the vehicle can be very effective in improving the range. Another factor affecting the range of the vehicle will be the loading, as increasing loads will increase vehicle energy consumption



With Ducato Electric, your business will have no barriers. There's no obstacle between you and your destination with the fast-charging option. The Ducato Electric is a suitable vehicle for this new era, carrying the over forty-year tradition, durability and toughness and offering over 50 different configurations while setting a new standard for electric capability.


The new E-Scudo will allow you to move freely, even in areas closed to traffic and city centers, thanks to a best-in-class battery size and traveling range for both the 47 kWh and 79 kWh configurations. All this without any compromise on volumes: the new E-Scudo guarantees the same load capacity as the ICE version, up to 1.2 tons of payload.


On board the E-Doblo, be ready to be amazed by a smoother and more responsive new driving experience (up to 280 km*), that will allow you to move freely everywhere. Every detail of the vehicle, from the electric motor to its features, has been designed for the best performance that the vehicle can provide for your day to day work.

*WLTP range