Doblò Cargo

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up to 5.4m3
Internal length
Doblò Cargo Lunghezza Interna
up to 3.4m
Doblò Cargo Motore
CNG Engine

Doblò Cargo


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Thanks to the “an engine for every mission” strategy, Doblò Cargo offers maximum performance for different professional needs and type of use. Its engines, ideal in the city and on long drives, offer brilliant performance, high torque at all speeds and consumption optimised for low running costs.


Set off on every trip without concern, thanks to the inclusion of the most advanced security devices as standard.
Cruise control and speed limiter


This continually monitors the tyre pressure and advises of any loss of pressure directly on the on board display.

Doblò Cargo sicurezza TPMS


The ESC takes over automatically in emergency situations, such as if you have to swerve suddenly to avoid an obstacle. It monitors lateral acceleration, speed, grip and the steering wheel angle. It processes the data and, if necessary, regulates the torque and braking system to restore perfect stability to the vehicle.

Doblò Cargo sicurezza ESC

Cruise control and speed limiter

The Cruise Control lets you set and maintain a constant cruising speed.

Doblò Cargo Sicurezza Cruise control e speed limiter


Traction+ is the innovative traction control system that helps improve grip on slippery surfaces. In the presence of ESC and low grip on one of the driving wheels, torque is transferred to the wheel with the best grip on the road. This improves handling and guarantees better directional stability.

Doblò Cargo Sicurezza Traction+
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If one Doblò is not enough, choose a fleet. Discover the range, the fittings and the convertible vehicles which can offer you the best solutions if you need large numbers.