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Fiat professional brings to you three authentic stories of Italian entrepreneurship through the new "Space for new ideas" format: directly from the voice of the protagonists, discover an Italy that never stops renewing itself, just like the New Scudo that makes space for new ideas of those who choose it as their daily partner.



Growing up, despite the resistance of his family and especially his mother, he deepened his passion for beer: he believed in his new ideas and managed to create his brand, naming it 'Clan! Destiny'. In fact, as Luca often says: "A beer in an oenological place is a bit clandestine".
In a short time, Luca's idea proved successful and together with his brother, he managed to open "Grappolo Contro Luppolo", a place through which he exports his product successfully.
This original idea has allowed the family business to grow by enriching itself with new, diversified and curious customers.
Today in the Carussin company, wine and beer are two sides of the same precious coin, capable of improving each other: have you already tasted a beer with 30% Moscato? If you cross Monferrato, stop for a memorable and courageous experience.


After graduating, Lorenzo inherited the historic family apple orchards and decided to use the knowledge acquired by going back to growing apples. Right from the start, he had to face the sector's problems: due to a market strongly oriented towards the aesthetics of the fruit, 30% of the apples produced were transformed into waste. Faced with this difficulty, he did not give up and sought a creative solution: using production waste to make the natural components of beauty creams.

His idea initially met with resistance from local farmers. But Lorenzo believed in his project, and today his business is increasing; he eliminated waste and won the trust of local entrepreneurs who are now buying his creams. Even his family, having overcome initial concerns, proudly supports him. Courage can sometimes change the lives of many, and Lorenzo has certainly created space where no one expected it.

Cashmere Monviso

Eleven years ago, Roberto discovered the Monviso territory during a business trip. He fell madly in love, so much that he decided to change his life and open a business in the valley.
Monviso is renowned for its dairy products, derived from breeding grazing animals, and food and wine. But Roberto had a different vision: despite the great scepticism of the locals, he bought eleven cashmere goats and started his project. In a few years, and with great passion and love for the animals that he personally takes care of every day, the business has achieved significant growth and production that boasts one hundred and twenty items.
Today, Roberto produces high-quality cashmere that he sells worldwide. His company attracts numerous customers to the Monviso valleys, who obviously, after collecting a scarf, also supply themselves with excellent cheeses from local farmers.

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